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We support the health of active individuals and health conscious community groups
through evidence-informed natural medicine clinical services and wellness education.  

We offer safe and effective integrative health solutions to improve your life, and
we are the exclusive treatment venue for Integrative Movement Medicine (IMM)




Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine in Duluth, Minnesota

Chinese Medicine

Using acupuncture, medical bodywork, and botanical supplements to strengthen your body and mind, promote vitality, and overcome illness.  We rely on modern medical research and the Chinese medicine tradition to get you well.

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Integrative Movement Medicine 

Integrative Movement Medicine (IMM) is a comprehensive sports medicine approach for movement artists, yoga practitioners, martial artists, dancers, distance athletes, and other body movers to optimize performance and reduce pain.

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Classes and

We offer a broad spectrum of educational opportunities including ongoing classes in qigong, health optimization, and nutrition.  We also lead manual therapy workshops, injury care seminars, and host clinical internships opportunities for students.

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  • I have dealt with migraines for years and prescribed medication wasn't always the best option. I've tried a lot of things but acupuncture had by far the best results. I went months without a migraine. I highly recommend seeing Jake! He's the best!
    — Trisha, Plymouth, MN
  • Jake is as kind a soul you will ever meet; extremely knowledgeable about the systems of the body and able to perform miracles when it comes to pain management. I felt immediate relief shortly after my first appointment and the next day was even better.
    — Amber, Brooklyn Park, MN
  • If you not only value your health, but are particularly concerned with the professionalism, ability and compassion of your practitioner, you could do no better than Jake. My back has never felt better, and Jake has used many different tools from many different schools of thought and practice to accomplish what he has done for me.
    — David, Charlotte, NC
  • Jake is very professional. I was a little concerned because my first visit with him was my first experience with acupuncture. I honestly could notice a difference after my first visit. After many years of neck pain I believe I am on a positive path!
    — Brenda, Maple Grove, MN
  • I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to get treatments from Jake following my car accident. He greeted me warmly, as if it were a honor to have the opportunity to work on me. This humility and kindness, paired with his wonderful hands and body of knowledge was a transformative experience. He was extremely attentive at every session, paying close attention to his work and the changes in my body.
    — Lisa, Boulder, CO
  • I like Jake's conservative approach. He explains each step and really listens to you. He continues to ask questions for clarification rather than assume. I highly recommend Jake for acupuncture treatment.
    — Donna, Maple Grove, MN
  • I really enjoyed my acupuncture sessions. Jake really knows what he is doing. I've had acupuncture before from a chiropractor and didn’t realize the effects it could have on a person until I went to see Jake. The day after my session, I felt euphoric, and all of my anxiety disappeared. The same thing happened after my second session, and the feeling lasted a few more days after that. I guess it's a progressive thing where it builds on each session. I would definitely check out Jake if you're looking for a reliable way to relieve pain, anxiety or stress!
    — Allie, MN
  • Jake, I promised to let you know how I felt after treatment. I’m much better now and actually feel human again. It’s been a long time.
    — Lynnette, Boulder, CO
  • I’ve had mosquito bites that hurt more than Jake’s acupuncture! After one session my foot pain is already getting better.
    — William, Plymouth, MN
  • I can’t believe it. Jake is a miracle worker. I’ve suffered through 18 years of interstitial cystitis, and today I have no pain. I wish I would have known about this years ago.
    — Lynn, Plymouth, MN
  • Jake’s the only professional that has been able to help with some of my issues without using steroids (yay). Each visit with Jake – I learned something new about myself – and I learned that I have choices. I felt stronger – happier – more balanced. I felt I was being treated as a whole person and not just a symptom. I felt listened to, respected, safe, and optimistic. I also gained the confidence to make permanent changes in my life that will result in better overall health.
    — Connie, Maple Grove, MN